Monday, 2 September 2013

Project: wireless charger for every phone (PART 2)... by C/D

Let's continue with the second and last episode to make our personal wireless charger.

Just last time we present the parts, that we purchased at; now we go ahead with the end-to-end project to begin from transmitter case.

All explanation it was illustrated step by step into the video below. There's anything to be add, even if some more of data would be useful to explain that one we have owed leave out.

The heating of the receiver's antenna could be reach 56° C or 134° F. At this temperature the plastic of material plastonda employ could bend totally (or partly) the plastic of top-side case.

Here it explains the use of a presser inside the case to align the top panel under the pressure of the receiver, when it began to be powered by electromagnetic field.

There isn't other to tell in addition to this that it won't be explained inside the video. I recall that all plans - all schematics (in particular for the power circuit adapter) - etc... can they be found at the end of article.

The power circuit is a typical LM7812 based circuit, it supply over 1A of current, it implement a 1A fuse for any overloaded that there may be provided and a extra dissipation surface on circuit. All components are discrete, but we wanted to mount them as surface-mount. This help us to insert our circuit inside of back face of transmitter's case.

For time, we haven't described in detail the making of receiver, but you can find some picture soon after and anyway the same are present inside the video. I hope it's enough also for beginners.

For any questions, please, you can write to the space below or in youtube's space.
I shall look for to answer at all from you.

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